Kamil Wiecek

I help enterprises adopt Azure Cloud by automating governance, infrastructure, and platform operations

Azure Powershell - snippets

01 July 2021

Bored typing over and over the same commands? I decided to put some helpful snippets there and extend this 'library' over time.

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Azure IaC #1 - Testing ARM Templates functions

25 April 2021

Project Bicep will simplify the writing of functions in our declarative infrastructure definitions. However, we will not stop using arm templates overnight. You will find a straightforward way to efficiently test your expressions

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Azure Governance #1 - simplified naming standard

29 January 2021

The naming standard has always been with us in IT. Documented and followed by relevant departments helps to maintain the environment. But still, it's just an agreement! Check this article to learn how to disable creating wrongly named resources in Azure as a code!

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